Welcome to Belgarde!

Welcome to Belgarde, capitol of the Qestran Empire, city of destiny. It is here that all of your dreams will come true. Qestra is to most powerful nation on Anu, hands down, and we are proud to say that it has been this way for millennia.

While you’re here, take in the rich and ancient culture of Qestra, and explore the exciting technological innovations taking place here today. Pay no mind to the fires, frequent earthquakes, and crumbling buildings. Let a nice soak at our state-of-the-art public bath house put your mind at ease. Visit the Great Library of Aeramus, home of the largest collection of books in the world, and see the High Cardinal’s freshly murdered body. Or visit our market and feast on a weeks-old fish sold to you for an exorbitant price.

So please, enjoy your stay. We’re glad to have you.
Qestra. Land of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.


kyshale Versipellis